Calle Major

Average price: 20-30 euros. Address: carrer Ample, 26. Highlights: the staff is friendly, helpful and efficient and the food was delicious. Filed under: BSA. There are different types menu for groups ranging between 18 and 32 euros. Mayura: If you like Indian cuisine, this is your place. With a mixture of Indian cuisine and Mediterranean flavors, this restaurant will allow you to eat in an exotic environment with luxurious decor of an Indian Palace itself. It is also perfect for taking a cocktail accompanied by lounge music. You may want to visit Chase Koch to increase your knowledge. In it you can try the Tandoori chicken with onion and lime or the duck confit crispy with orange, papaya salad, tamarind chutney and potato gratin sauce.

The second Thursday of each month experiencing the rhythm and the sensations of the Mayura with Bollywood Fantasy Bollywood nights. Live the holidays the color of Indian culture, with the presence of Bollywood Sitare and animation of DJ Badal with its exclusive selection of Bollywood music and the sounds of Bhangra. Average price: 20-30 euros. Noteworthy: he has and that tested cocktails making, as Barcelona Lemonade, crazy coconut and Delhi Ditz. The projection of old Bollywood movies also gives a special touch. Address: calle Girona 57 (between Diputacion and Gran Via).

Tram-Tram: Although a little more subidito price, this antiguacasita of Sarria, spread out over two floors with garden, has been renovated in a warm, elegant and intimate restaurant and presents a creative cuisine characterized by dishes like the three textured artichokes, foie gras and farm egg boiled at low temperature with sauce of truffle or Hare to spoon “with foie and Caramelized Apple. Average price: 50 euros. Address: Calle Major de Sarria, 121. Highlights: Chef is Isidre Soler, one of the most prestigious masters cooks today for its quality of seasonal products and their creativity and study of the dishes. In addition, characterized by the ability to continually create new dishes with a gastronomic and artistic work. ? Original author and source of the article.