Madrid Business Centers

The market of rent of offices in Madrid, continues to decline in most areas, although it has great expectations. The price for the rental of offices in Madrid continues to fall, but demand has increased slightly in contrast to the previous year. With the exception of the larger offices since they have a greater number of square meters and the demand is still quite scarce. The supply of buildings in investment, has been characterized by the number of opportunities. An example is the offering for sale of the headquarters of caja Madrid in the Paseo de la Castellana; This has led to a great interest in the market.

Investment opportunities have also emerged in other areas of Madrid, and as result has aroused the interest of many investors, given that the Office areas are very consolidated. Business Center, remains the best option for a large number of companies. This year the companies mostly have focused on business parks very well communicated, very good quality and prices tailored to your needs. Also It allows greater flexibility and more offices or offices can be rented. Business centers, for example, services the social and fiscal domicile in Madrid for those not wishing to own offices. Those who carry out their activities without a fixed place, can hire a business center where will have a virtual office. Reception and distribution of mail, telephone calls, meeting rooms and other communications services will be resolved.

If, on the other hand, the new company prefers rental offices Madrid, the business centre also offers a flexible space, tailored to your needs. And this is only one aspect of the services that can be found in Madrid, a city that has become a true Center of business tourism. In Madrid, depending on the area and the situation, we can find great variety of business centers.