Civil Marriage Marriage

Civil marriage is an important building of the modern era. In these times where cultural changes have brought home to people from a more free everything related to marriage and the union of persons living together, civil marriage has become an important pillar of this type of ideas. Civil marriage emerged as a solution to the old Catholic institution of marriage requires people to a whole set of rules and restrictions that many do not make sense and that often meant an obstacle even for the happiness of couples and people living together in marriage. Perhaps the biggest hurdle is the religious marriage and that solved the figure of the civil marriage of modern times is the possibility that the couple separated without negative consequences in the shape of the divorce. In fact, divorce is posibildad opening civil marriage of a couple who no longer intend to live together in marriage can separse without any sanction or moral blemish it special. The concept that allows the separation in civil marriage that is in contrast to the concepts of religious marriage is the one who said that freedom of the will of the people most worthy is the gift we all have.

That work against freedom of the people when it does not affect anyone is unnecessary damage and should be avoided wherever possible. Because the people who join in a civil marriage unite in exercise of their freedom, they can also come apart also exercising their freedom in this aspect. Whenever he was not hurt others or endanger other bigger things that people can exercise their freedom and this is the basis of civil marriage. Another important aspect that brought the civil marriage and that it did not have the old religious marriage is the possibility of doing real captitulaciones. The capitulations of goods that can be done in a civil marriage consist of a clause which stipulates that the economic assets that gets the couple during their state of married couple will not enter the common goods like both, but each partner acquires property will be obtained in a personal capacity.

This opens the possibility that civil marriage saves many problems that had been lodged in respect of common property of the couple unites in marriage. Indeed, the division of assets after the dissolution of marriage is a complex process that takes many resources and effort to the couple who wants to separate and the chapters can avoid many pitfalls of this type. Another advantage of civil marriage not religious marriage brings is that to get married by civil marriage law does not require special sacraments or any additional requirement for people to marry. Only required to be citizens in the exercise, which is a relief that civil marriage brings. We hope this article on civil marriage is of utlidad them and make the best decision regarding marriage.