Chamomile – is a symbol of a sweet simplicity and affection, symbol of fidelity and a symbol of Russian nature. A bouquet of flowers from daisies, so similar to the field, will be a wonderful gift for any occasion. Tulips Symbol spring and eternal youth. According to the flower etiquette – one of the most refined and at the same time, generic gifts. Tulips can give both women and men of any age and social status. Today tulips and bouquets of tulips are the most popular and versatile floral gift. They are the main symbol of hope, youth and spring. In Turkey, the tulip is the main symbol of love and eroticism.

Turkish women believe that a bunch of tulips in their hands or ornament with a picture of a tulip attracts darling, his heart burns with love, and fills an urgent desire to leave the ranks of bachelors. Sunflowers. This solar flower – the main symbol of optimism, joy and prosperity. The language of flowers bouquet of sunflowers, presented to the girl, means: 'Are you – a miracle! ",' I've never met like you, 'I'm proud that you're with me." Sunflowers – the most sunny flowers. Bouquet or arrangement of sunflowers – a bright, original and unforgettable gift.

Give sunflowers recommended for people creative and extraordinary. Stop the choice for a bouquet of sunflowers, if your goal improve your mood, to apologize or to make a positive impression. Daisies In ancient Germany, they were a symbol of reciprocity, the lilies of the valley considered a pledge of love and happiness in family life. What could be simpler and at the same time lily lovelier? A few little white as porcelain, bells on a long stem and a pair of light green leaves – that's all, and yet as beautiful as gracefully! And how handsome he is in a bouquet, overlaid with a border of their leaves! In Germany and France are still celebrated annually on the first Sunday the May holiday of lilies of the valley, organize dances. Girls stick a bunch of lilies of the valley to the bodice dresses, and guys in petlichku coat. When a guy is inviting girl at the dance, the girl in agreement varies with bouquets. Formerly a bunch of lilies of the valley had a deeper meaning: He agreed young people to marry, and this evening usually ended with ad, for anyone who is getting married. Callas Callas – the language of color balance. Now this language has become more sophisticated by expanding the color gamut of the plant. Maroon and pink calla lilies – a sign of admiration and recognition, classic white calla lilies – the symbol of gentleness, golden yellow calla lilies say about self-restraint, devotion, purple calla lilies in a bouquet – the image of greatness, but at the same time – of passion and sorrow. "You're gorgeous' – says the man in this bunch woman who teaches him. Yet many believe callas male flower. Perhaps this is due to the shape of flower and its strict appearance. However, the shape of the leaves of this plant are heart-shaped. We can say, leaves callas filled with heartfelt warmth. Inflorescence of this flower, as it were wrapped in a nice long list, and this gives Cullum such a graceful and recognizable form.