Compliance-circle Shows Impressed By Idin-control

New software for managing Central promissory note was again successfully demonstrated Dortmund/Dusseldorf. A selected group of compliance managers from prestigious German financial institutions the DCO GmbH, Dortmund, their innovative promissory note management idin-control “presented. The professionals located in Dusseldorf to a star-studded compliance-circle met. The compliance manager showed great interest idin-control “, and first invitations to other presentations in the houses immediately followed in the wake of the meeting.idin-control “: the right product at the right time the promissory note market proves to be still! as a completely unregulated. The problems that arise, are stressful: unclear and undurchgangige labels constantly cause false promissory note mappings, as well the ambiguous language. Aka”swears”every banker on his own program for managing promissory note.

So isolated island solutions have arisen in the course of the decades “Homegrown”so to speak, not compatible with each other are. Moreover, every bank manages due dates in their own way, and different design variants can not expect in advance. This forced renunciation affects negatively from the outset the quality of promissory notes and of the entire bond market on margin of discretion. High quality sinks cost all in all confidence, market share and money insidious lurking in the promissory note market quality sinks, that should worry everyone, the responsibility on pages of a Bank for the area of compliance. Because the negative economic consequences of these abuses are significant, such as Werner Schafer, system analyst of the DCO GmbH, while the compliance circles said: when interest payments and transfers it always comes back to incorrect mappings, and because they lack opportunities, to calculate scenarios, not all opportunities used in designing of promissory notes. This is highly ineffective, wasted funds and requires a unnecessarily high use of staff time and work.

In the sense of a functioning, so maximum efficiency-oriented compliance strategy, as Werner Schafer, a uniformly organised, transparent notes platform is essential: anywhere and just generally valid standards in the management of promissory notes can produce those transparency that is necessary in order to achieve the highest quality in the promissory notes sector and to ensure this position permanently. idin control as a strategic instrument of compliance with the listing of the advantages, the idin-control will bring the unregulated bond market and hence the participating banking institutions, could position the DCO GmbH convincingly their product as a strategic compliance tool: Central, uniform and fool-proof providing generally applicable numbers finally brings much-needed transparency. And that Possibility to calculate many scenarios, makes the products more attractive. Overall, will as Werner Schafer, make a decisive contribution to the confidence-building idin-control. Just trust but is urgently needed what the banking industry into disrepute, to be again perceived as positive economic factor in the public and regain market share as a result.