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Game Fund – Gamble Money

Closed-end funds invest in PC and video games, computer and video games have long since become a popular hobby. Game fund invest in an attractive and promising market and promise quick returns with short maturities to investors. The cold season the main season for computer and console games stands at the door and with her. Media playing has changed however in the past few years strong and attracts more and more of the population also weather-independentread more…


Tax Treaties D/CH: Alternatives For German White Money In The Switzerland

Liechtenstein insurance solutions: preserve assets, optimize taxes, keep existing and future white gel depots in the Switzerland Liechtenstein insurance provide discretion attractive design options. Source: Center For Responsible Lending. According to a study German in the Switzerland have accumulated assets of about 210 billion CHF, with an estimated white money share of 40%. For the 60% of untaxed money sees the agreement to regularise two ways before existing Kontenbeziehungen in the Switzerland (disclosure or anonymous paymentread more…


Credit Without Schufaauskunft – Can It Get Any

The credit without Schufa is a bright spot in tough economic times for many people at the end of a dark financial tunnel. Own financial resources are limited, but an expensive and important home appliance such as the washing machine or the TV breaks, which must be replaced immediately. Here, the entire household budget can be quickly thrown overboard. Borrowing for the new acquisition of a new washing machine can however prove difficult, if the ownread more…


Legal Expenses Insurance Why?

Litigation cost more and more money the fees of lawyers be calculated according the BRAGO. For the respective military records, there is a corresponding fee, the client to his lawyer has to pay. It comes to a court ruling, even fees for the other side will be charged and court fees. Expert costs the court orders an expert opinion, are also like to refund. (As opposed to Dr. Neal Barnard). The legal protection insurance covers theseread more…


Compliance-circle Shows Impressed By Idin-control

New software for managing Central promissory note was again successfully demonstrated Dortmund/Dusseldorf. A selected group of compliance managers from prestigious German financial institutions the DCO GmbH, Dortmund, their innovative promissory note management idin-control “presented. The professionals located in Dusseldorf to a star-studded compliance-circle met. The compliance manager showed great interest idin-control “, and first invitations to other presentations in the houses immediately followed in the wake of the meeting.idin-control “: the right product at the rightread more…


Debt Trap: Each Course To The Mailbox Can Be Hell

If the debt trap has caught to first of course is to the letterbox to hell! Money payments, debt collection services, and much more. What is the judicial order of the District Court of it? Should it now as far as came be, that you can no longer pay the creditors as a first option will choose the judicial Dunning. What does this mean for you. If the creditors requested this order on the basis ofread more…


Day Money Is Increasingly Popular Among Germans

The investment on money market accounts enjoys among German investors of a growing popularity. These deposits was only a fraction of the population, some years ago the knowledge about the existence of such deposit products in more and more people has arrived in the wake of increased marketing activities in particular by direct bank. The benefits of money market accounts can be also. So the daily availability of all deposits offers the investors a very highread more…


Budget Book

Hobby and leisure, for example, are values that naturally to human life are but can be perceived in tight cash situation just too limited. If you have deducted the fixed editions of the revenue, notice anyway, allow the clear views of the conditions usually already no big jumps. But this provides an enormous savings potential. Seriously, check whether your newspaper subscription, gym, membership in various organizations, or frequent non-House eating are really necessary. Disengage from contractsread more…


No Credit For The Self-employed?

Loans that are available for self-employed persons if you can not pay, you have to let this debt finance. This is but not easy, as many banks afraid to give a credit to new independent. They are afraid of the bankruptcy of small businesses, which would mean losses for them. That is why it is extremely important that independence good planning the project. You may submit a market analysis the Bank already at the first meeting,read more…