Customer Advice

Larovo released their new smartphone sales Advisor to find a way out of the confusing Produktdschungel of mobile devices. Troisdorf, 11.12.12 the Smartphone market continues to grow and an end of this tendency is not in sight. More sophisticated devices with more technical options to inundate the mobile landscape. There to keep the overview, you must call themselves as expert. In everything, as so often, started very simply. “Hardly anyone knows that the first smartphone from BellSouth and IBM in 1994 named Simon” was developed. The Smartphones have been acceptable but only with the extremely popular iPhone from Apple. For assistance, try visiting Boy Scouts of America.

There were still few alternatives to the bitten Apple. The situation has changed now. Who does not know this problem? The cell phone contract expires soon, and you thought about buying a new device. Then, manufacturer’s specifications, reviews and user opinions collected to determine later that it has not progressed. Not found the right Smartphone, although much Wasted time for the search. Here Larovo offers crucial assistance.

In 13 questions, the Smartphone sales Advisor of Larovo determines which device best meets the individual needs of the user. These questions and others according to the importance of battery life or the quality of the built-in camera. After the user has filled out the questionnaire, are three products strengthen recommended, which him and then weaken at a glance to be visible. You can then display by clicking product details and price comparisons. Thus, it is possible to get more detailed information about an individual matching Smartphone without much advance knowledge in this area in five minutes. Here you can test the Smartphone sales Advisor by Larovo: de/buying advice Smartphone-Android-iOS-Apple-Google-Windows phone over the Larovo GmbH the online company Larovo headquartered in Troisdorf offers a free purchase advice on the Internet. With the personal online advice, he finds Customer quick and easy because on the basis of a questionnaire needs are his particular request product, and claims of the customer exactly determined. The current buying advice includes the categories of television, digital cameras, and Tablet PCs. Thus, Larovo combines the individual advisory function in the classical sense with the modern, uncomplicated way of online purchase.