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Peter Wandscher

Termination due to the refusal of work an employee is not always possible denied his call on weekends, so fact-based termination is justified only when it is committed on the basis of an employment contract or collective legal agreement for the performance of such services. Remember also the fact does not change, that he first followed the instructions of an employer to the call in the past. It’s believed that Gary Kelly sees a great futureread more…



A traditional post and reconcile receivables such as PayPal and Amazon accounts is no longer possible. The Tax Office of hampel + Marka is therefore a special software, which all invoices and payment receipts are read and so recorded, that the corresponding invoice is associated with each payment from PayPal or Amazon. A sorting and collating the dealer is no longer required. Yes already digital are the data from the transactions. Software Web shop all businessread more…


Rembrandt Soft Pastel

CAKE can say that the art of the cake is prehistoric by which the use of chalks and similar were often used in antiquity, though the cake that we know today did not appear until the 17TH century. A is purer techniques as soon as to which virtually no media binders, pigments are used so the permanence of colors is not affected by diluents and binders. As a main disadvantage, is the mechanical resistance to rubbingread more…


Customer Advice

Larovo released their new smartphone sales Advisor to find a way out of the confusing Produktdschungel of mobile devices. Troisdorf, 11.12.12 the Smartphone market continues to grow and an end of this tendency is not in sight. More sophisticated devices with more technical options to inundate the mobile landscape. There to keep the overview, you must call themselves as expert. In everything, as so often, started very simply. “Hardly anyone knows that the first smartphone fromread more…


Are You Ready For The Halloween Party?

As bakers, butchers, flower shops, clothing stores and other retail or craft, whether in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich or in the Ruhr area, will benefit from the Halloween hype. Trick or treat, it says again on 31 October in America when kids ring in Halloween costumes on the doors in their neighborhood. With candy, the little spirits can be usually quickly placate. The Halloween craze continues in Germany. Increasing throughout the Halloween parties,-feten and events atread more…


How You Can Use Resources Efficiently Can

Hessen-Umwelttech 2010 Conference: Sun, water, and Green IT almost fruitless ended the Conference on climate change in Copenhagen, elsewhere fortunately already involves the implementation in terms of climate protection. For the strengthening of environmental technologies and the efficient use of resources are a decisive factor in the implementation of climate change objectives. Specifically under the heading of resource efficiency! on the Symposium Hessen-Umwelttech 2010 that is, discusses current practices and solutions in the areas of Sun,read more…


United States

Satisfied purchase requests can be easily and conveniently pay via mobile phone has become in the multifunction device. Shopping ready Smartphone owners with these possibilities much joy as the following example shows: photographed a delicious tasting, a great story, an interesting article, a special service, chic clothes, looking with the photo in the mobile Internet whether and, if so, where to buy there. You buy, pay and informed his friends with one click via social networksread more…


HelpCard Ratingen Card

The Ratinger payment service provider easycash is distributor for the HelpCard, the first charitable gift card of in Germany. Together with Bonner HelpGroup GmbH, the payments specialist opens up for entertain new donation sources for over 700 nonprofit charities, projects in 130 countries. The donation card can be purchased in various denominations in the trade and then used over the Internet. The aid projects to favour are individually selectable on the donation Portal The HelpCardread more…


Klaus Martin Meyer

In an age of rising raw material prices, also renewable raw materials are rediscovered hemp as an indigenous fiber plant, our region supplied textiles and rope fibres; until the mid-20th century a.d. the production of synthetic fibres and the import of cotton were politically interesting. The argument that the plant was also to be used as intoxicants, made possible a ban on cultivation. In almost all areas, hemp was then replaced by inferior products. Cotton, whichread more…