HelpCard Ratingen Card

The Ratinger payment service provider easycash is distributor for the HelpCard, the first charitable gift card of in Germany. Together with Bonner HelpGroup GmbH, the payments specialist opens up for entertain new donation sources for over 700 nonprofit charities, projects in 130 countries. The donation card can be purchased in various denominations in the trade and then used over the Internet. The aid projects to favour are individually selectable on the donation Portal The HelpCard combines ideally with global social responsibility\”the idea of the gift card, explains Jochen Freese, Member of the Executive Board of easycash GmbH and responsible for sales and marketing. Given the still growing sales of gift cards and the high generosity in this country we are convinced of the success of this really good thing.

But to do propaganda work, we don’t want it in words keep: all participants of the EHI Congress held in may received a card worth 10 euros from us. The Congress attendees can make even a picture of these really rewarding action.\” \”The EHI Conference payment and customer loyalty card\” found on 5 and 6 May 2009 in Cologne. All parties benefit by way of derogation from the usual way to donate, uses the HelpCard trade as a channel. This will ensure the availability of the donation card and new target groups will be developed. Customers can obtain charged at the point of sale of the HelpCard with various amounts, where it is activated through conventional card terminals in the network of easycash GmbH. 24 hours after the purchase, the card is ready for use. While the buyer can be sure to offer something useful, the recipient inserts the credits for a charity of his choice; He is personally involved, and thus the emotional donor. The donation amount is one or more international aid projects on the leading German donation Portal assigned to.