Many elderly and their relatives want a care around the clock. Stuttgart: Care insurance paying but maximum of 1,432 euro, which is not enough for a 24-hour supply by German care services. Therefore, more and more families rely on Polish forces. You come across agencies to Germany and cost considerably less. Nursing associations criticize the methods of the agencies as illegal and urge the Government to act.

To search for a place in the nursing home, his mother never came for Jens W. in mind. “She should be old definitely at home in their familiar environment”, says the old. But that became difficult from year to year. The 88 mother is tired and weak.

She needs help with body care, partly also with eating and walking. So far above all his wife and his daughter to she looked. Until the mother of Jens W. For more information see Boy Scouts of America. broke his foot and was in the hospital. Jens W., who is fully employed, had suddenly alone to the care of his mother Press and soon realized: so it can’t go on. He was informed about possible aid. A German nursing service would cost between 5,000 and 8,000 euros per month “, experienced Jens W.” we can’t afford that. So he sought cheaper, but legal ways and encountered the Agency on the Internet ihrepflege.eu. Staff-tet closely related to Eastern European companies together – the nurses and House hold aid to Germany send. The Agency ihrepflege.eu relies on the EU freedom to provide services, according to which Eastern European company twelve months in the EU member countries may send their employees employees without restrictions through labour permits for a maximum. Employers are not the individuals in Germany, but the Eastern European company. Within ten days from the Assistant from Poland joined their work Jens W. volunteered for ihrepflege.eu at the Agency and had a helping hand within ten days from: Dorothy S. Polin, 48, educator with additional training in the health care sector. Pays 1.550,-euro Family per month. The Agency ihrepflege.eu got for a one-time placement fee of 490,-euro. It works wonderfully, says Jens W. The Polish was a loving and patents woman – which is smoothly inserted into the family: “this is a big relief for us. The offer by the Agency ihrepflege.eu seems to be interesting for many families with dependent persons. The demand is huge,”says Agency Chief Tatjana Baydina. Ms. Baydina speaks several European languages speak like Czech, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Slovak and natural light also German and can thus introduced the direct to which very well select applicants and select them according to the needs and ideas of the family. Since the existence of the Agency ihrepflege.eu were already 125 nursing assistants and domestic helpers conveys. Approximately 15 nursing assistants and domestic helpers prepare for their usage. Above all people with dementia fall back on our offer, says wife. Baydina, but also many old people – need help and want to be alone. German maintenance services, the all-round care for those most interested is unsustainable. When the Polish nursing auxiliaries, all social security contributions and taxes in Poland be paid, why have to pay affected only between 1.300,-and 1.900,-euros per month, depending on the training of nursing staff and personal care expenses. Board and lodging are generally free for the assistants. Press contact Mrs Tatjana Baydina agency ihrepflege.eu Dresden-str. 13 d 01945 Ruhland phone 0049 (0) 35752 / 16904 fax 0049 (0) 35752 / 16905 Web: E-Mail: