Exagon Comparison Study: Hardly Increased Interest In The Benchmarking Of Processes

Kerpen: Few companies are able to carry out a systematic benchmarking of quality and cost of their IT processes. A comparison survey from 2006 and 2007 Exagon consulting according to currently only 14 percent of companies can carry out a comprehensive comparison of quality and cost. 27 percent to limit on individual IT processes, all other (59 percent) refrain from according to own statements completely. Compared to the previous year the State has improved so hardly. 2006 gave 62 percent of the companies surveyed to log, to carry out any performance comparisons of their IT processes. However today much less companies believe, their profitability and quality is sufficiently transparent even without a benchmark.

in 2006 it was only every eighth IT managers more than every fifth operation within a year period. As well, changes have occurred in the reason why the efficiency of IT processes is so little attention in practice. So push it 52 percent, 9 percent more companies than in the year before led on the cost, also lack of resources by more businesses as the reason. The leader in the causes remains but the Exagon survey the lack of appropriate instruments: seven out of ten of the surveyed managers indicating that they have no adequate methods and tools, to make all IT processes in a benchmarking systematically scrutinized. Who today speaks of efficiency in IT, must necessarily also the performance of the IT services deal with and look for objective reviews, judge Exagon – Managing Director Joachim Fremmer.

But he had not yet arrived at the company, criticized the theme benchmarking and refers to the consequences. Keep outside of perception, which may have significant weaknesses in the support of business processes, which adversely affect the value. \”Optimization potentials can be found only, if an objective analysis\” achievements, judging the ITSM expert. Even with regard to the future, Fremmer considers a greater commitment to performance evaluation of the IT processes than absolutely necessary: In the context of industrialization of IT this will inevitably consider the compulsory task, it therefore seems useful to deal with already.