Two Black And Kidnapped Obama Deceits

They are things in which we cannot be mistaken, no matter how hard good faith pushes to look for hopes after the faces, until we learn what is hidden between the teeth. , By all means nothing else healthful that to read between lines, like in intelligence work, being looked for the signal, the message, the true intentionality of that in the middle of the policy cannot express beyond the mooring cables of its position and commitment. Why what has been said? He is perhaps that we followed accusing the man of left of dreamy idiot poor man, padeciente of unreality (as Borges in one of its stories said), streamlining by flying theories, that the political game does not include and it goes letting go the opportunity to interpret the signals between frames of the speeches and gestures, forging uselessness to orient a political project? Probably. I am today speaking neither of Hugo Chavez nor of Barack Obama, first oriented towards the left and the second like the great screen of the imperial scheme where there are to look for signals to identify, figures (of step) of great political responsibility with respect to which it is easy to infer accusations. For the case, first it has given samples always to be under an alert status, slope of the political moved one and the wink of the eye of the opposite, denouncing it when the fraud has intuited, the double speech. Sample of it was the recent Summit of the Americas, to which Obama came to try confraternity speeches soon to be made the crazy person when returning to its house; in the occasion, the Venezuelan president was of first in denouncing it, yet and who as Chief of State has the diplomatic obstacle in his against. The second it seems exhausted already of as much slipping the bulk. He does not find how to conciliate the redeeming speech took that it to the presidency of the USA with the present practical position it forces that it to be one more a piece of the framework where very powerful families demean to the world-wide population..