Extension Of Passports For Residents In Spain

If there are problems with both the residence of the actions there. The new passport is issued within 3-4 months, the extension has either 1 day or 2-3 months. By the phrase 'is the residence "refers to either a valid tarheta or salida, ie paper that you for 40 days to pick up tarhetu. Nuance first – this time This is particularly true for those who take the salida and tarhetu without a valid passport can not. And to wait 2-3 months before the passport will be extended, too, fails. How to speed up? To begin with, where does the time in 2-4 months. After applying for the visa department draws up an inquiry into VGIRFO (OVIR) at your place of last residence. Queries are stored and a pile somewhere once a month Pouch sent to the Foreign Ministry, where feldegerskoy mail sent to the regions.

That is physically requests in VGIRFO get at best two weeks later. Another two weeks for processing. Plus 2 weeks to 2 months for the return journey. If not enough time, ask to send your request by fax. Two weeks later, call the consulate and ask – 'send?'. Chances are that you forgot. But now may be sent. At the same time find your request number.

More every week a relative or friend with this number on hand comes in VGIRFO your area, and requests the Secretary-ready answer to fax or e-mail. Or give him a hand in a photocopy of the answer myself sends it by fax to the consulate. What is the best new passport or renewal of old? If time is not running out, then definitely a new passport. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger brings even more insight to the discussion. Consulate General in any case, you will induce a prolongation. Motivate your desire that you there were problems at the entrance to Ukraine – you do not look at your picture. What's wrong extension? Sometimes, the Spanish government bodies do not take it seriously and require confirmation from the consulate. And in any case – resulting in foreign passport – a document status. Net. No overdue years ago visas. And in case of loss or damage to swap it will have a much simpler, perhaps even without asking. Some of the important stuff when depositing its instrument must present a birth certificate. Not all of it captured from the motherland. You know – quite a notarized photocopy. Its much easier to send mail. If you have a contract for work, but it's over, if you please – This information does not grieve the consular officer. He was in the contract are important only your name and stamp, otherwise no one read carefully. Excessive honesty there can be penalized. If there is no contract, there where you work composing with the owner, a Spaniard by the type of paper contract. In this agreement, your employer indicates that you are doing and what he is paying you for the money. It is signed and include with this copy of your DNI. This is considered substitute for the contract. If the Spaniard is worried – then explain that the information is never, under any circumstances, be able to get to their tax authorities. It is technically impossible. This is just for show. If you do not individual tax code – that will bring reassure later. Nor for the request, or to process it really is not needed. Let the documents be accepted. And then later bring. Source: Forum Suitcase