Teaching Kids To Speak

Please note that the beads must alternate in sequence. So you can put a fence of colored sticks, etc. Adult responds quickly, throwing the ball to a child, calls the color of the child, returning the ball, must quickly name an object of that color. Nieman Foundation might disagree with that approach. You can call not only color, but any and quality (taste, shape) of an object. Exercises to develop flexibility of mind and vocabulary.

Encourage your child to name as many words indicating any term. – Name words for trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, fruit. – Name words related to sports. – Name words for animals, pets, ground transportation, air transport. SPEAK THE OPPOSITE Encourage your child to play 'I'll say a word, but you also say, only in reverse, such as large – a little. " You can use the following pairs of words: happy – sad, fast – slow, empty – complete, intelligent – stupid, hard-working – lazy, strong – weak, heavy – light, funky – a brave, white – black, hard – soft, rough – smooth, etc. DO-NOT GET call any situation and throw the ball to a child.

The child must catch the ball if the situation is called, as if – no, you have to fight off the ball. Situation may be different to offer: Dad went to work, train flies through the sky, the cat wants to eat, the postman brought a letter, apple salt; house went for a walk, shoes, glass, etc. Exercises to develop speed of thought. Encourage your child to play this game: you start the word, and he – his finish.