Volkswagen – Your Favorite Model

In this article we will focus on specific models, car brands Volkswagen: Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Golf Plus and Volkswagen Passat. These "smart" and unpretentious to road and weather conditions in credible cars many car enthusiasts around the world. Attractive in all respects, the new Volkswagen Polo will provide security to the owner at the time of ride, thanks to the hard skeleton of a body, front and side airbags, advanced ABS, the system of exchange rate ESP stability and three height adjustable rear head restraints. Thus, fully concentrating on driving, you can be confident in the safety and security of their loved ones. New VW Polo gives its owner not only safety but also comfort at the expense of a comfortable and functional interior, ergonomically designed front panel and the spacious trunk. New Polo pleases the eye trendy and sporty design and looks more than courage, as bumper seems more due to the new elongated shape. But the most important in the design of the new Polo – this, of course, dual headlights with clear lenses.

Surprisingly modern design, low consumption, excellent dynamics and high reliability make the Volkswagen Polo ideal car for any driver. Plus the word in the title of a new modification of the new Golf Golf Plus says that this car though is Golf is an advanced, but also has absolutely new elements, hitherto not inherent in any previous model Golf. New Golf Plus is much more beautiful and more comfortable at the expense of their predecessors a wide range of adjustment of seats and steering, comfortable seats, well-designed front panel, which is now a factor of 2 larger vents, and air from each pair can be directed in different directions.