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Currently, in our society, many cases fellow creatures to the one of ' ' Bonita&#039 rock; ' they happen without they are noticed. The people if leave to seduce due to humanity who to each day if becomes scarce. A so vast movement could not of form none be of is of the look literato, receiving the special and magical touch from Jose Lins of Rego. CONSIDERAES FINAL Notices, therefore, that the event, historically surrounded of legends, influenced Literature at different times, being treated to wonderful way for Jose Lins it Rego and Ariano Suassuna, while Euclides of the Wedge, that confers a scientific character to ' ' Sertes' ' , treating the question to the Pretty Rock for an objective analysis, under the positivista optics. One sees, thus, as a messianic myth influences the life and the customs of the sertanejos, leading the authors that had worked this subject if to worry in reviver, literarily, the historical event, including in it the vision of the proper sertanejos, with its beliefs and values, analyzed here sucintamente in the workmanships of Euclides of the Wedge, Aryan Suassuna Jose Lins of Rego. ON the AUTHORS Joscivanio academics de Jesus, Adelci Maria Freire Rasp, Rosngela Dos Santos are pupils of graduation, 2 period of the Portuguese Course of Letters/of the Tiradentes University in Aracaju/SE.

The elaboration of this scientific article must it the practical investigativa in the form of qualitative research of the bibliographical type. The article was produced aiming at to take care of to the requirement of disciplines ' ' I&#039 research; ' , of the Portuguese Course of Letters/of the Tiradentes University, in 2 period of learning semester of 2009 and counted on the orientation of the Msc teacher Maria Jose de Azevedo Araujo. Email for contact:, adelci.freire@, and azevedo1956@ REFERENCES WEDGE, Euclides of. The Sertes (Campaign of Canudos). So Paulo, SP: Martin Claret, 2005. CASPAR, Lcia. Click Nieman Foundation to learn more.

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