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Many details will be known, others serve the addition. This study raises questions, which is also intended. It will however trigger discussion, and inasmuch as good results arise from the fact that she has served her purpose. Summary of Afghanistan remains one of the poorest countries in the world, 80 percent of the population live in absolute poverty. Also, there are strong regional differences. In major cities, there has been an economic development certainly, even aread more…


Executive Guide

Discover what measures and the success is what tactics! Dear readers, during today’s, quite hard, you can make more profit and become more successful than the others. Are you looking for the best ideas and strategies for more sales and more profit? Then, I can only my wire Guide for executives, managers, young entrepreneurs and that still will want it, highly recommend. Discover what measures and the success is what tactics. To determine these days oftenread more…


Decayed Angel

The effected dialogue enters the main personages initially transfers in the sky, being uncurling of the facts in the urban environment, land, place concretely inhabits the conditional personages to the social environment and, living the valuation of the material, the cientificismo, the objetividade, the conflicts, the sociocultural, moral, economic dramas, politicians, ethical, religious. It has in the machadianos personages deep a psychological or interior realism and in this story, it portraies how much the Man canread more…


In Brazil

They are tematizados the huge facts related the heroic personages, representing collective feelings and values. The verbs and the pronames almost always are in 3 person (IT). The epic texts estimate the presence of a listener or an auditorium; they are generally long and they tell to histories of a people or a nation, involving heroic adventures, wars, trips, gestures and present the valuation of heroes and its facts. In accordance with the specific structure assumedread more…


Pretty Rock

Comparing the facts that if have knowledge on the tragic fact of the Pretty Rock and the romances of I water, perceives that the author almost transposes the total fact that for its workmanships, moving only details and the focus. Through the look of determined personages the author counts the history of what it was the fact for the people of the time and region, exploring the repercussion that the tragedy exerted on the life ofread more…