Decayed Angel

The effected dialogue enters the main personages initially transfers in the sky, being uncurling of the facts in the urban environment, land, place concretely inhabits the conditional personages to the social environment and, living the valuation of the material, the cientificismo, the objetividade, the conflicts, the sociocultural, moral, economic dramas, politicians, ethical, religious. It has in the machadianos personages deep a psychological or interior realism and in this story, it portraies how much the Man can be influencivel, corruptvel, susceptible. Soon, ‘ is transparent in this story one; ‘ new theory on the soul humana’ ‘ pautada in history, culture, alegoria and myth. Perfaz an inversion when the Devil if gives to construct a doctrine, a church, to the molds of God, affirming to be the factor that distinguishes the two is the deep negation and for such it denies what it reflects the church, God and its moral, charity, goodness, love. It would on this side say that it remembers the relation between Sartre and Nietzsche when searching the internal motivations, private and objection, that if human beings hide in the actions representing, beyond and, the appearances to display the avarice and the contradictions.

As it points the Devil, when on the shield of God the Man becomes stronger and tends to refuse all the principles unprincipled people and when next to it the trend is to extinguish the differences between virtue and vice. In determined ticket one perceives that it seems to have a repetition of the Biblical ticket where God banishes the Decayed Angel from the sky. In what it refers to the critical one, according to Bariani (2007), the proper Axe he was one of the precursors of the critical one, already in the decade of 1870 it wrote on the literary production in Brazil. In fact, critical as legal-size and the maturity of the literary romance (crowned in the workmanship of Axe) they are contemporaries in Brazil; while the writer produced its workmanship, critical literary construa its citizens and instruments.