Gods Creatures

Of course the law of reincarnation is as old as God’s creatures. Prior to Spiritism doctrines are reencarnacionistas, as noted by Papus, or Dr. Gerard Encausse, doctor in Cabala, medico-jefe of the laboratory of the Charite Hospital, in Paris, of the LInitiation magazine, Member founding director of the independent group of esoteric studies, of the Martinist order of the Kabbalist Rosicrucian order, etc.. Wrote: With effect, reincarnation was taught as an esoteric mystery * 9 in all the ancient initiations. Here is a passage from the Egyptian teachings, 3,000 years before the coming of Jesus, about reincarnation: before birth, the child lived; death nothing ends. Life is a return; She becomes similar to the solar day which set out anew (Fontane, Egyptes, 424). ().

Dr. Bezerra de Menezes, in a fragment of his message psicofonico, formerly transcribed, refers to the Apocalypse. Zarur, who was always devoted to preaching the word of God, as eminently democratic, in turn, in another publication explained that the key to the understanding of the book of prophecies finals is precisely the Universal law of reincarnation. On my part, Paiva Netto, I have been concerned to explain the simple of heart also, as is the divine master who warns: () I thank, o father, Lord of heaven and Earth, because you ocultaste these things from the wise and understood the world and told them to small (Christ Gospel according to St. Matthew 11: 25).

In my book we are all prophets, in the genius that Jesus approves * 10, wrote: the simple of heart constitute the genius that both Jesus wants to enlighten the world. And it is that talent that God reveals his secrets. Jesus, the Savior of the humble hence, the benefit of constantly raising thought the Ecumenical Christ, entity Sublime, free of compelling sectarianisms or exclusivist ideas, therefore, the Redeemer of the humble of heart.