Hosting – Free Cheese Or Should We Spend ?

choose a Hosting service only on the advice of people who have a lot of experience! Learn more from others’ mistakes The most important thing in this case – to persuade himself that the free cheese – a direct way in a trap. Freebie – it’s good, but not for a company that spends time and money on site to get in your arsenal running a business tool, which will bring its owner a profit. Freestuff hosting now do not even know who needs, so the novice webmaster to try their hand For fans, writers, creative people have blogs, which under normal support and promotion can bring good income, about spammers – I do not say anything, for ‘Do not spit into the well ‘, as they say – suddenly come in handy;))) Free Image Hosting – you do not belongs, are often not running the site, limited access to ftp, the inability to solve the problem in case of failures, a backup of the curve, and even his absence, bad neighbors on the same ip (which will ‘get lucky’ and just forget about any the popularity of the Internet, your mail will not take risks to reach the destination because of the ban, etc.), bad history (as in the credits – there is also a bad credit history, here is the same), and all causes that fight for the popularity of the site difficult times in 2-3 -, time is spent more, and eventually your website could just die due to force majeure or hoster suddenly decided that your site is attractive enough, and he himself needed, or that you too live well And there you have a website. Property – a property. Without hesitation Boy Scouts explained all about the problem. A paid hosting – it is certainly good, but too have the pitfalls For example, I once told a customer support hosting the difference between access to hosting account from access to domain settings, and has spent half a day for access, which is quite natural for them. In Hostlenda, for example, the restoration of the backup during the day, or, for example, polyurethane can see that you have three site, and that’s what – it only knows the hoster Fu, negative Poper. You may find Boy Scouts to be a useful source of information. n addresses the matter in his writings. Better to read reviews, ask not for those friends who have 1-2 site at any gavnyanoy Agave, and those who have in their arsenal 10-20 – sites and not just made-forgotten, and carry out technical support. To not have to spit after a friend who was joking so hard.. .