Khon Kaen

The product range for cars, clothing, household items, etc., is similar to Western standard, but at very different prices. Almost all vehicles in Thailand are manufactured in Thailand (Detroit of Asia). Services and salaries are located on a level that is about our coming one-fifth to one-tenth. I.e., House construction, craft, maintenance, etc. can be offered to incredibly low cost. The country has a highly developed infrastructure, which is constantly expanded and especially Western China should connect with the Bay of Thailand.

Due to its geographical location is in the North in the South as tropical and subtropical to Thailand. This means that it is always hot and always sunshine. Even in the rainy season, the notorious tropical rain mostly at night fall. The controllers in China lead to renewed interest in Thailand as a country of origin. The Thai currency is very stable and the inflation is expected to remain below 3 3.5% this year. The export is already at 47% in the first 6 Months grew.

The Government introduces facilitations for DFI (direct foreign investment) and designed a new, more flexible rules for foreign investment. The political situation seems to have stabilized at least outwardly, and the current Government under Abisit has time now to implement their plans and to promote in particular the economy. One of the regions represent an expansion of the focus is Khon Kaen in the North-East of the Nissan through its center location on the North-South axis. With 1.7 million inhabitants, one of the four cities in Thailand with priority for trapped mixed development and potential for the export centre for Indo-China the thong (Switzerland) AG, based in Zurich, has a project in Khon Kaen, the thong in Privatesidenz, a residential complex with developed infrastructure, and medical care, a pleasant climate, beautiful nature, as well as people who respect their fellow human beings and nature. In this system, Thong plans to build with Thai-Swiss construction management, 45 individual villas and bungalows. The houses be together with architects even designed by the customer or selected from a program and built according to European standards for the Thai prices this is possible, because the land and construction prices in the booming region of Khon Kaen are currently still very attractive. A good investment and high profits are guaranteed, because prices will rise in the next few years. The construction and the management of the plant – takes a Thai-Swiss company you learn more about this exceptional project on the homepage. Timm Kopke