New forum with blog and content management system implemented exists since last year under a commented discussion forum about combined heat power (CHP) and block heat and power plants (CHP). Now, the Forum offer was significantly expanded and supplemented with a blog and news. Heart of the page is still moderated by experts and annotated discussion forum. “” “” To maintain an overview, about 50 groups were divided into the subjects technology “, economy and framework”, CHP investment “, planning and integration”, CHP application fields”as well as more efficient energy technologies” created. Current messages point by means of content management system with RSS feed on current legal frameworks, innovative technologies and new events.

The CHP blog reports weekly on current aspects of the CHP scene and is currently in content from the topic of CHP investment “. The current messages to the blog, the users of the Forum can write comments. One active participation in the Forum is possible only after a registration. The use of the Forum is free of charge. According to the Web information company Alexa, which determines the access numbers from Web pages, the discussion forum KWK24 is the currently most popular discussion forum in the area of efficient energy technologies. At times, more than 170 people are active at the same time on the discussion forum. Shahzad g, CHP information centre GbR.