Crude Oil Price Slips Below The 80-dollar Mark

Hardly discounts on heating oil due to the weaker euro LEIPZIG. (Ceto) The decision eagerly awaited the US Federal Reserve (fed) to further support of the US economy brought the price of oil at first little buoyancy. Even if Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke left interest rates at close to zero and wants to purchase new bonds, remained the prevailing mood on the stock markets behave. That pushed crude oil prices this morning further in minus. North Sea oil of Brent slipped for the first time since August 3, back below 79 US dollars per barrel and US light oil (WTI) went to $ 79.50 per barrel.

Furthermore, the quotes responded to weak stock markets, as well as bad numbers out of the U.S. economy. Added to this was the massive decline of import in China, which imported nearly one-fifth less crude oil compared to the previous month. Speculative investors, a clear indication that it is not far away with the oil and the economic recovery. In the medium term but the resource will be oil tight, which expects EIA (Information Division of the U.S. Department of energy) from. It increased its forecast for the United States and the rest of the world. The Fed’s interest rate policy, meanwhile, propped up the dollar, who made good in comparison with the euro at bottom. Price declines in the crude oil will penetrate to is this in the local heating oil consumers: prices in Germany are expected to remain nearly unchanged.