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The Town Of Plettenberg Goes Green

Symbolic tree planting with Piepenbrock sets standards for sustainability Osnabruck, 16.11.2011 – the town Plettenberg sets an example for sustainable practices and planting Gebaudereinigungsdienstleister Piepenbrock Services GmbH Wednesday along with the + co. KG four trees in the post road in Plettenberg. Klaus Muller, Mayor of the town of Plettenberg, is at ten o’clock with employees of the city Plettenberg, as well as Thorsten Seewoster, Piepenbrock regional Managing Director Northwest, and Heiko Kalis, Piepenbrock Branch Managerread more…


Federal Association

Intelligent production network enables timely delivery for major providers, dealers and OEMs WUPPERTAL, July 22, 2010 – WASI solar benefits from the market situation in the solar industry and operates with a proactive strategy, since the: delivery for PV mounting systems due to the high demand are very long. Not so with WASI: WASI solar has a flexible production network set up to handle requests from different magnitude promptly and quickly. In recent months, Viktor Mayer-Schönbergerread more…


Crude Oil Last Week Level

Heating oil prices are expected to remain stable in Germany today LEIPZIG. (Ceto) At least at the beginning of the week, there will be no bad US economic news. This is however not a suddenly awakened economy, it’s a holiday the Labour Day is celebrated today in America. As a result the traditional floor trading will be closed. You may find Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to be a useful source of information. US light oilread more…


Crude Oil Price Slips Below The 80-dollar Mark

Hardly discounts on heating oil due to the weaker euro LEIPZIG. (Ceto) The decision eagerly awaited the US Federal Reserve (fed) to further support of the US economy brought the price of oil at first little buoyancy. Even if Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke left interest rates at close to zero and wants to purchase new bonds, remained the prevailing mood on the stock markets behave. That pushed crude oil prices this morning further in minus. Northread more…


Stromvermarkter INSA

Bio gas plant manufacturers WELTEC BIOPOWER from Vechta offers a new technology which facilitates participation in the balancing energy market for plant operators. INSA stands for intelligent switch and regulates the power feed-in power regardless of the electrical energy generated. Thus, biogas plants can take part significantly more economical than previously in the balancing energy market. The German power market is located in the change: changes in energy production and consumption require an increased need toread more…


August Protection

Daniel Hope, Thomas Quasthoff and other artists involved Big Band for the Berlin climate protection with the NDR, 9 August 2010. “” On Saturday, August 28, the violinist Daniel Hope lists big band a special concert together with the trumpeter Till Bronner and baritone Thomas Quasthoff together with the NDR: under the motto do what “these exception artists together with the campaign funded by the Federal Ministry of the environment become climate seeks protection” to engageread more…


Carport Electricity

Electricity prices will continue to rise. You can find a good alternative in renewable energy. Therefore, the market for solar power is booming. Many people want to get rid of rising electricity prices and consider a powered by a solar carport. It can be said that the market for solar power is booming. For installations with photovoltaic cost has fallen strongly within the last few years and therefore the purchase for many home owners may beread more…