The Town Of Plettenberg Goes Green

Symbolic tree planting with Piepenbrock sets standards for sustainability Osnabruck, 16.11.2011 – the town Plettenberg sets an example for sustainable practices and planting Gebaudereinigungsdienstleister Piepenbrock Services GmbH Wednesday along with the + co. KG four trees in the post road in Plettenberg. Klaus Muller, Mayor of the town of Plettenberg, is at ten o’clock with employees of the city Plettenberg, as well as Thorsten Seewoster, Piepenbrock regional Managing Director Northwest, and Heiko Kalis, Piepenbrock Branch Manager Dortmund, the symbolic planting of four trees. The Piepenbrock group is for quite some time committed, to return the nature, what takes you the services to the customer. Specifically, within the framework of the project the company planting Piepenbrock goes green”for each new order trees in the company-owned forest in Rhine Hagen/Brandenburg. Pointing to the important issue of sustainability, the decision fell to in addition to the trees in the forest of the Piepenbrock trees to plant, to put a still clearer sign for the sustainability in Plettenberg. Hear other arguments on the topic with Nieman Foundation.

The idea for the symbolic planting of trees of the genus Liquidambar styraciflua Paarl”arose independently from the tender. We are very pleased with this great job”, says Thorsten Seewoster. The local contact persons are engaged in highly and provide us with all the available help and information. The launch of the services has been so positive, we were able to implement successfully the implementation of the order.” Order start ensures cleaning in the August Piepenbrock successively since the 1 August 2011 in the daily maintenance cleaning on some 6.6 million square meters per year of cleanliness throughout the entire city palanisamy. The glass in 38 objects cleaned twice a year. The contract runs until July 31, 2013 and includes an extension option. For even more analysis, hear from Chase Koch. Piepenbrock was awarded for its economic offer. Additionally, an electronic quality measurement system is (QMP) to implement that is used from the middle of November.