LiveTicker Of The 68th German Jurists

Legal Tribune ONLINE invites 20.09.2010 to the discussion in the social network of Cologne. Meet at the 68th German Jurists (djt) more than 3,000 participants in Berlin from September 21 to 24. The discussion of urgent legal policy issues is questions that are not only for the legal status of highest relevance, but also daily to dominate the news at the heart. A legal Tribune ONLINE, an online magazine of Wolters Kluwer Germany, will report on, Facebook and Twitter live from Berlin and loads in accordance with the motto of the German juristentag shape right”to the discussion in the social network. The German Jurists celebrates its 150jahriges anniversary this year and is one of the most respected forums for German lawyers.

Current legal policy questions involving important are treated in several departments: for example, issues such as the tension are discussed in this year of religion and State neutrality, to regulate the financial market and on the future of the law of succession. So far could However, only bring, who personally took part in the event. Thanks to the live coverage of the online magazine legal Tribune ONLINE is that changes this year: for the first time all interested by the computer can at home or from the Office follow the lectures and discussions and contribute your opinion. Because the LTO brings the jurists in the social networks Facebook and Twitter. The editorial reported directly from Berlin by the events, lectures and discussions, provides images and impressions and illuminates the background.

It aims to support the party and interest group-independent discussion and thus to contribute to the training of law. The LiveTicker of legal Tribune ONLINE you will find under: djt2010 djt djt_2010 contact: Inca cumin corporate Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH phone: + 49 (0) 221 94373-7093 E-Mail: about the legal Tribune ONLINE legal Tribune ONLINE is the online magazine for lawyers and legal Interested with all the information around on the job, knowledge and life. The editor sets the current day events in a legal context, provides career-related news and a variety of service offerings. The daily updated range covers including latest news and lifestyle topics in addition to legal background analysis, industry news, and practical knowledge. In cooperation with mirror ONLINE is Wolters Kluwer Germany his experiences as a provider of legal information in the service of the ambitious online magazine, to create a unique claim and size range for lawyers and legal. More information under: about Wolters Kluwer Germany the Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH is a knowledge – and information service provider, which in particular are right, economy and taxes offers in-depth technical information for professional users. The company has its headquarters in Cologne employs approximately 1,000 employees at 22 locations and operates over 20 years of experience in the German market. Wolters Kluwer Germany is part of the international Informationsdienstleisters Wolters Kluwer n.v., whose core markets law, economics, taxes, accounting, corporate, financial services and healthcare are. Wolters Kluwer has annual sales (2009) of Euro 3.4 billion, employs approximately 19,300 people and is represented in over 40 countries.