Wolfgang Bergmann

Everywhere, in all Nations social standards are, if any, cut back. The people for 17 cents work the hour for the European, American and East Asian industrial under slave-like conditions in China. The resulting products are sold here us super profits. At the same time scold these exploiters on the State of human rights in China. In Hong Kong, people live on in cages, which were introduced by British Kolonialherrchern. Communist China has passed through that way.

In Europe, it wants to introduce the pension from 70 to as far as possible to ensure that there are no more pensioners, because few who are much older than 70, you can take that in buying. Partly sit this clever inventor with 50 to rest and let then the 69jahrigen their high pensions and severance pay with pay. Earthquake and other disasters destroy entire regions and buried the people among themselves and no one is helping, because the competent Governments and responsible corrupt split the ownership of the people among themselves and have made not the slightest precautions and reserves for emergencies. Pakistan, Haiti and Chile, the last three examples. Despite the many soldiers and war in Afghanistan this country produces 90 percent of the total world demand for drugs. Have you let yourself go like that times through the head. You could continue this list 2010 now endlessly so.

Briefly about going round and no one would mind and nobody can come up with countermeasures. Why also? This global mess, it is magnificently earned as we can see from the leaves of the economy and share prices. It is high time for humanity to be concrete and do something! Today and not tomorrow! A large meeting is what needs the current present, humanity and our world of the spirit, reason and intelligence expertise. One global solution of political problems should be sought, a new world order and world in democracy and peace for all: “Renewable means of payment” could be a solution. (free download under: “www.weltversorgungsgesellschaft.de”).