Living Without Cancer

We all know what cancer, and we are all afraid of this death sentence. After all, cancers are the second highest mortality rate. For other opinions and approaches, find out what CBC, Australia has to say. It has long been ingrained in the people believed that cancer is incurable. However, because they think only those who not familiar with this disease do not know the present status and achievements of domestic and, especially, the world of medicine. It is worth recalling that, according to the World Health Organization, health only 10% depends on the possible efforts of health workers, 20% of the ecology and the same number of genetics, and 50% of the man himself. Thus, the leading role in the ability to be healthy is in your hands.

It is in this direction works Technology Enhanced functional reserves ‘Tafrov’. The technique – learning to control the biological functions of the organism by any of their regulation. This technique allows a person to after a course of study to get rid of various pathological conditions ranging from cardiovascular diseases to cancer disease that was confirmed by various studies. The technique was developed by employees of the Department of Clinical Psychology of the Bashkir State University (BSU) under the leadership of Ashot Vanesyana Sarkisovich, head of the Department of Clinical Psychology, bsu professor, doctor of medical sciences. However, despite the ample opportunities methodology at this stage of recovery efforts are focused primarily on cancer patients. This prompted us to view health professionals about incurability cancer, as well as the disappointing statistics, indicating a high level of cancer patients in our country. However, it does not interfere with the center staff to assist persons with other pathological conditions, particularly cardiovascular disease, taking into account the frequency of their occurrence and death. We invite you to get rid of the cancer and pathological disease without harmful chemicals, hazardous radiation and unnecessary operations. You can see for themselves the results of high technique ‘Tafrov’ with the help of modern medical devices.