Make Money

A few minutes ago, published an article “How to make money on the Internet.” And a run until the smoke comes from one place, writing an article about how you can earn on the ground. As in the previous article, we will focus on earnings alone. Probably Many of you have read the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Apart from her – or rather, them, because there are a whole series, there are an incredible number of benefits on the topic – how to get rich. Fortunately, most of them can be downloaded from Internet, I spent a few months to many of them to read and carefully peruse. Here are the conclusions, my brothers, for us disappointing.

Rich, of course, you can. If you write such and similar books. A If you are going to do serious business – think 33 times before deciding on a step would inevitably lead you to a full financial and spiritual bankruptcy. However, even as bankruptcy and you can earn. For example, in the U.S., where I now I live, you can type a bunch of loans and then declare itself bankrupt. Just in time to get rid of credit money that is not taken away during bankruptcy proceedings. Best of all, good to hide. I know a few local Russian who do these operations. Millionchik or two can be cut. But we’re with you in advance, even in the previous article of the treaty that will be discussed is a fair way of earnings.