Mental Processes

My proposal would be the Research Development, which will lead to answers and thorough knowledge about the neural correlates of mental processes: what units (neurons) are linked with the event, how they work, how synapse, which substances involved in the transmission of information that emerges from the work of a group of neurons (network organization) How to help the entire organization to work more complex systems that involve connections of systems such as the functioning of these cells in the brain is influenced by one's own previous cognitive experience of the individual and environmental factors influence the formation and maintenance of brain function can not think that the neural correlates of mental functions is a single element or a single aspect of brain organization. But a mental process, such as Memory, rests on the activity of a complex brain system, made up of multiple components that must be studied at different levels. The information translated into electrical stimuli is how the brain receives data about their environment, knowing the way the hippocampus stores information in recent years is a giant step for neuroinformatics, learn about the phenomena of sleep and wakefulness, as well as the genesis of feelings may lead us to know the Essence of Mind. References Psychology of Memory Modules. UOC. De Vega, Manuel. Introduction to Cognitive Psychology.

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