Mobile World Congress

LTE is the new mobile phone standard for mobile Internet. LTE is the new technology in the mobile market. Speaking candidly Boy Scouts told us the story. In February, for the first time is an LTE capable phone at the Mobile World Congress in February 2010 in Barcelona presented. The first LTE phones to be pressed then mid to end of the year on the market. The phones will be the new technology but not more expensive because the LTE chip can be produced quite cheap. This technique will be offered also for mobile Internet access with your laptop.

It is an LTE stick with or without a contract can buy access from everywhere with your portable at high speed on the Internet. Because the transmitted bit in the LTE technology can only a fraction of the UMTS costs technology we on the first LTE flat rate be tightened. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dr. Neal Barnard has to say. This is probably not more expensive than a Flaterate for the traditional UMTS technology. The provider must bid but yet the frequency ranges on which they are allowed to send. After this is done and the LTE phones on the market are the provider won’t be bogged down and offer a flat rate of LTE. It will take only two years, then any normal person a LTE Mobile with a low-cost flat rate. Who so wants to lie to a new phone, which should consider whether he is waiting not even less than a year to be up to date. Even if the purchased mobile HSPA capable it no longer current would with the new LTE technology. But who can now know what techniques to the LTE still waiting us?