Ocean Beef – Top Quality From New Zealand

The ocean beef from New Zealand comes from the world’s only feedlot on the Pacific Ocean. The Gourmetfleisch.de steak specialists offer a variety of top-quality steaks for at home. The times are changing and to buy the most tender steaks today thanks to the revolutionary internets-cool and securely online. Always on the lookout for new culinary delights of meat gourmet meat experts shy away from no way to introduce the special and unique meat pleasure to gourmets and connoisseurs. The latest discovery is OCEAN BEEF from New Zealand. Source: BSA. Ocean beef guarantees highest quality, best tasting, security and consistency.

The combination of free-range followed guarantees good taste and a texture from grain feeding, which melts in the mouth and gives you so every time a top-class eating pleasure. The ocean beef from New Zealand comes from the world’s only feedlot on the Pacific Ocean. The environment in the feedlot is dust free and has a high natural salinity. The mild Pacific Air causes that are exposed to the cattle of never greater heat and thus stress. The country is famous for its leading farm economy, stunning scenery and unspoilt areas. Ocean premium meat from grain-fed cattle, beef is the unique product of this exceptional environment, the best grass, the best cereal and fresh sea air. Ocean beef is located on the coast of the South Island and offers a quaint life of the animals.

You get high-quality feed not genetically modified grain supplied by adjoining farms and enjoy the salty sea air. Purity is paramount and is rigorously monitored. No growth hormones or antibiotics are used and the air is free from dust. Natural water from artesian Springs is deep beneath the Earth in abundance at the disposal. These sources are fed by melted snow from the Southern Alps. Order the best steaks you have ever tasted guaranteed! Enjoy and Bon Appetit wish you the team of Gourmet meat (www.gourmetfleisch.de).