Useful marketing tips for businesses in the face of an economic slowdown Yes, it may be that the recession is really coming. The global financial crisis can certainly have drastic effects on the real economy. And then? How should marketing executives and their superiors respond? Of course, cutbacks must be applied and reduce unnecessary costs. But Please shorten the marketing or advertising budget in any case. Because the single euro, bringing more euros into the spot. These are investments that bring a return on investment.

And especially in economically tight times, where most other companies go back, their marketing and their advertising, you need to continue to invest. If the number of advertising messages, on your target down patters, is significantly less, then just their message has dramatically increased chances of success. I know it is difficult to continue to invest money if the sales go back into marketing. And the marketing budget is the easiest and fastest. But Their marketing is just the only item which will bring customers in the door and make money in. And just because you want to save? Put your marketing euros rather more effectively and efficiently. Stop switch colorful ads without convincing advertising message and go to gespicktem with arguments and facts, convincing direct-response marketing (where you can determine also the ROI significantly and directly). This can be advertisements in the editorial layout, mailings, post cards, flyers or similar.

Take segments of the overall market in the visor and tailor them an advertising message on the body. That increase the response of the target group, because that is just for me!”Reaction evokes in people. Differentiate themselves even more clearly than previously from your competition. Clearly work out why people just by you and by all the other providers you want to buy in your advertising. Notice! Stand out as best we can from all the other companies, which are competing for the favor of your target audience. If you stand out from the soup, your advertising message is perceived rather, than those of competitors. Hot and new, otherwise must not necessarily more expensive”. Edit your existing customers to buy more often and more. This is dramatically less expensive than to win new customers. These people know already appreciate your offer and are easier (and thus cheaper) to move, as someone who still doesn’t know your offer to purchase. Trying to win back lost customers. This is significantly cheaper than to win new customers. Give them a little incentive to come back. It will pay off. Try out new forms of advertising. There are a myriad of extremely favourable forms of advertising, often not even to be found in the classic marketing mix of larger companies. The guerrilla marketing “books by Jay Conrad Levinson are full of such opportunities. By the same author: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. Invest 15 euros in one of these books and you will be amazed at what is possible for little money. There are many ways, effectively and properly”on one Dent in the economy to respond and there are many wrong ways. One would be to drive your marketing and advertising back like this. Christopher Laub