Recycling Gas

The much time the animal man, comes degrading the nature, as deforestations, placing fogos in vegetations and finishing with the ozone layer, that in turn., without this protection, the people do not use solar filters grape and uvb this comes causing much cancer of skin. We are with a serious problem of pollution, either visual, auditory it and atmospheric, this last a more dangerous than causes lung cancer. But the villain of this history on the environment is the lack of awareness due to the consumers. As for example to recycle materials that can come back the nature, therefore ours I fill with earth bathroom is saturated of organic lixos, and why we cannot contribute for the garbage reduction in our country, these lixes bring a dangerous gas for our society, metanl, that many people did not know, only because of reporters with explosion problems. The gas methane is formed through the chorume of the plastic bags with organic materials, remaining portions of foods. Therefore I eat citizen exactly, that I make my part, as educator, teacher of biology and biologist. We go to change the destinations and to start to recycle, for the good of our planet. As well as we can create the habit to buy merchandises and to leave the packings in the store.