Right Broker Consultant Representative

and how do I know this? -Assistance in the search. The subject of private health insurance (PKV) or also hedge against the occupational disability is already inherently complicated enough. As it applies to worry, what you need for insurance protection, the consequences may have diseases and what you are as yet “just so” can afford itself. Yes, there are certainly more interesting, so you get a heart attack, has an accident or is permanently sick to imagine. There are also issues such as family planning, future career and dozens of other questions. And all that… all this is soooo far away, best it never happens, it always remains healthy.

But why do I need a health insurance then? Good thing there are still the rebates. Up to 6 month posts promise some providers. That sounds great, or? And then you realize at some point, usually very quickly. I knew that not alone and need a consultant. And there go the “problems” at the latest. Insurance agent, consultant or broker – the differences are usually not clear and also to not be true. For most customers, it is always the same.

The “Versicherungsfuzi” wants to sell just what me and thrives on sale. But how do differ because the consultant types? This type of consultant is most commonly found the insurance agents in the industry. He has been with an insurer or agent gem. 84 German commercial code (HGB) and contracts only for this company. Other companies, he must not offer, also did not convey. He would do this, he would violate his contract with the company. Benefits: Should the consultant knows its products. Due to the limited number of fares the representatives can answer all questions about the product and the appropriate conditions. Cons: He can offer only the products of the company customers. Since this representative gets Commission, often only the good things about a product are shown and highlighted, clear – because he wants something to sell.