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The Employer

Technical progress continues, there are more and more services. For example, sites on employment are often available services such as access to jobs with a mobile phone, and even sending messages about job openings for your search criteria in the form of SMS. Official site: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . The applicant receives a short job description, and if the job interested him, it can immediately send your resume by clicking on the phone or go to theread more…


Correct Changes

To change the character case of PHP, there are built-in functions strtolower and strtoupper. As a rule they are sufficient for everyday tasks of programming with PHP. As is known, the function strtolower strtoupper and convert a string to lower and upper register accordingly. But in the wrong locale settings of these functions give very strange results, which makes puzzle to solve this problem. To avoid this offer to write two functions that will work correctlyread more…