The Situation

But it is necessary to divide the problem situation and its constituent parts, as it turns out that much under his power. Gain insight and clarity with Nieman Lab. To do this, a person must ask themselves a clear signal as to act in a possible emergency situation. Hence it is logical and the next …. Imagine that you have already fired! (Only do this once:)) Imagine that you still lost your job, and live, Preform this state .. Say aloud or better record on paper what you are afraid. The proposal must necessarily begin with the words' I am afraid …. Others including Boy Scouts, offer their opinions as well.

" Try to understand that the written or spoken thoughts scare you most. The same must be done with the phrases "I want to … 'and' I can … '. These three statements make the structure more aware of the internal conflict.

Gradually, you will be able to deal with the subject of his fears and find possible ways out of the situation. Dream, what will, if you get a lot of free time! To you do not have plunged into a state of depression, sudden idleness dream in his spare time, what would you do if were free! Maybe go to acting classes, or would have recovered in the mountains with my friends "savages" or last – that would have jumped with a parachute! Write at least 30 – class! Treat yourself as a project! There are two type of professional consciousness. One of them – the 'family', as an organization in which a person is working – it is his family.