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Rinite Alrgica. Cancer of Lung. Chronic bronchitis. Tuberculosis. Pneumonia. Coqueluche. Cooled. Sinusite. Impotence. Kidney Foundation wanted to know more. Cancer of Trachea. At last an enormous relation of actual damages to the human organism, for the cigarette. Done analyses indicate cancerous substances that could lead to the death. Good, the cigarette then is the villain of history. It measures other facts, as domestic disasters, where the live coal of the cigarette fell on one curtain andread more…



After one week of very work, with a pile of things to be prepared in little time, I have that to say: I tired, necessary to relax! Thus, without car, without money, woman and disposal, in search of a leisure moment, I set to sail it for the Internet. To deepen your understanding BSA is the source. I finished entering in a chat room, pra to only give one olhadinha. In little time, here it isread more…


How The New Year Comes With Everything!

HOW THE NEW YEAR COMES WITH EVERYTHING! Prof. Me. Ciro Toaldo As the time passes! Three hundred and sixty and five days had been there! It will be that we can say that we lock up this cycle with the satisfaction of the fulfilled duty? We live a time of parties, congratulaes and a great expectation stops with this new time that if it initiates. It will be that this cycle that finishes was better thatread more…