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Bathroom Design

Bathroom design by THG Paris. Alona Tal contains valuable tech resources. THG Paris and the new fittings of collection of waterworks. Bathroom design by THG Paris. Other leaders such as Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City offer similar insights. THG Paris and the new fittings of collection of waterworks. The style and the design of the new collection of waterworks of THG Paris reminiscent of New York and the Art Deco. Typical for the time, cross orread more…


Civil Engineering And Gutting Precede Completion

Civil engineering and gutting completed shell construction started since a year revitalized the Bavarian building the BERLIN under monument protection the building complex BIKINI at the Zoological Garden and thus a clear sign for the change in the City West. After the official start of construction on December 2, 2010 construction started at the same time Zoo Palace and the Park at the Bikinihaus, the small high-rise, the cinema. In close consultation with the Office forread more…


The Arched Roof Of Today

A roof form with dynamic architectural design, there are different ways to construct a roof. A special type that here should be discussed, is the arched roof. In the following, the arched roof is briefly described and enumerated their pros and cons. An arched roof is a roof shape, which is similar to the barrel – less arched in contrast to this however. It is made mostly from a convex, bent sheet metal. Appealing has anread more…