Civil Engineering And Gutting Precede Completion

Civil engineering and gutting completed shell construction started since a year revitalized the Bavarian building the BERLIN under monument protection the building complex BIKINI at the Zoological Garden and thus a clear sign for the change in the City West. After the official start of construction on December 2, 2010 construction started at the same time Zoo Palace and the Park at the Bikinihaus, the small high-rise, the cinema. In close consultation with the Office for planning, approving and monument protection, solutions were developed that are up to date, while preserving the authenticity of the area. The gutting work, as well as the civil engineering of the building complex is now largely complete, the shell has started. The progress is clearly visible. In the heart of the complex, the Bikinihaus, the Interior gutting is completed: the flooring, screed, as well as all non-load bearing walls have been removed. Also the civil engineering on the rear side of the Bikini House is finished.

The groundwater for the excavation was lowered and used massive piles of concrete pillars. For the building was approved consisting of large roof landscape in October 2011 for growing here arising out of a basement, the Bikini pool and the 7,000 m. Also, the Foundation is already cast and the construction of the ground floor will be completed this year. The monument just revitalization on the facade of the Bikini House is scheduled for 2012. The facade as well as the window and spandrel be renewed according to the currently valid regulations of the thermal protection. Also, the construction of the large external staircase which will lead to the roof landscape of the Budapest Street starts in the coming year. Also on the small high-rise construction is progressing. The building is again exempted according to its original condition and the massive concrete columns are visible. The Interior gutting in the small building is also finished.