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HMS Invincible British

Also, remember that helicopter known British shipping in boxes, bound for Santiago de Chile, to be assembled again. One of them, a Sea King, he fell by accident (or was shot down), May 20, killing all its occupants, according to one version, while another says they were rescued by the Chilean military, who commands forces were SAS-British special secret mission “Operation Mikado.” The mission was intended to kill all the airmen, destroy aircraft and missiles andread more…


Communist Party

1958, November 1914: Resignation Larrazabal (to meet his campaign) and took the Chair Edgar Sanabria. 1958, November 1928: Elections won by Romulo Betancourt. 1959, February 13: Assumption of Romulo Betancourt as President of the Republic, forming the government with AD, URD, COPEI and independent, according to the spirit of the Pact of Punto Fijo, leaving out the Communist Party, as stated above. The great scam: national disappointment and chaos 1960, August: Venezuela's foreign minister refuses toread more…