HMS Invincible British

Also, remember that helicopter known British shipping in boxes, bound for Santiago de Chile, to be assembled again. One of them, a Sea King, he fell by accident (or was shot down), May 20, killing all its occupants, according to one version, while another says they were rescued by the Chilean military, who commands forces were SAS-British special secret mission “Operation Mikado.” The mission was intended to kill all the airmen, destroy aircraft and missiles and naval aviation Admiral Hermes Quijada Airport in Rio Grande, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina basis of the Super-Etendard fighter-made in France, carrying the effective AM 39 Exocet missiles, which caused such havoc to the powerful naval fleet in the UK. The Exocet achieved fame through the sinking of HMS Sheffield on 4 May 1982 of the container ship Atlantic Conveyor (May 25) and damaged the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible (May 30), who had to withdraw from the theater of operations for be repaired at Ascension Island. Once again, the British government to defend its ally Chile, misinforming the world public opinion, to ensure that the Sea King helicopter, killed in Punta Arenas, took off from HMS Invincible, when it was not true, because cited ship was fighting in the vicinity of the Falkland Islands and their planes were trying to counter the effective air raids in Argentina that wreaked havoc on the Task Force, which reconfirms thesis with radar reports from Argentina, whose screens did not detect a tremendous ship Tierra del Fuego by the characteristics of the HMS Invincible, simply because there was never, nor any other British ship. There were many other cases of logistical support, intelligence and radar Chile to Britain, I do not consist directly. Follow others, such as Nieman Foundation, and add to your knowledge base.

Chile reported on the exact position of the cruiser ARA General Belgrano, which allowed the nuclear submarine HMS Conqueror sank outside the exclusion zone, killing 323 sailors and that torpedoed, while the peace proposal of President Fernando Belaunde Terry. The former head of the Chilean Air Force General Fernando Matthei, just ratified that his country had a strategic partnership with the British during the war. He cited the example that “the Chilean Air Force gave timely warnings of impending air strikes Argentines allowed the British fleet to take defensive actions. The value of such assistance on intelligence was tested when missed. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine gathered all the information. One day, close at the end of the conflict, the Chilean long-range radar had to be disconnected due to maintenance problems. That same day, June 8, 1982 – Argentine aircraft destroyed ships Sir Galahad and Sir Tristram. They were landing ships which moved many people and the attacks left many casualties among them.

” In return for its assistance, the British virtually “gave” to the Chileans, Hawker Hunters, a long-distance radar, antiaircraft missiles, aircraft from Canberra photogrammetric at high altitude reconnaissance and bomber, communications intelligence and electronic intelligence (Moondrop jet). The war killed 700 Argentine soldiers, 255 British and three civilian islanders. Margaret Thatcher’s own publicly thanked Chilean collaboration in 1999, because without it, the British victims had been many more. (*) Period. Member of the Press Association Extranjera.