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Tuning Salon

During Soviet times, interior tuning is usually reduced to a hanging wicker hell, braided steering, replacing the twist-off of the handle checkpoint on the glass with cars or roses inside, pushing in a gum cents a head glass, the label conversion girls on the dashboard, waving his hands in the back window, and the blankets on the seats themselves were cut out of old carpets – to the fact that later acquired the name of "collectiveread more…


World Touring Car Championship

No matter what’s going on – you can not go too slowly, you should always find the optimal range of work. ” Saving the best traction on wet roads – a skill that requires not only professionals but also ordinary drivers. Ole Jacobs, an engineer for maintenance Yokohama Europe, gives advice to motorists: “Always fit in driving to road conditions, on a wet track to increase the distance ahead of you riding the vehicles. It isread more…


Auto Repair

In this article we will talk about automatic transmissions. This subject is inexhaustible, and certainly worthy of special attention. Nowadays there are many different options for transmission of non-manual gearbox. Automatic boxes, though, and require some skill, yet much easier to work for drivers. Hydro boxes (GMP) are most common. Along with them are offered to motorists and other boxes electro-mechanical origin. In an automatic transmission hydraulic drive, instead of the usual mechanical and manual planetaryread more…