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Small Businesses

An interesting question with small businesses in budgetary institutions. A number of companies established on the basis of the liquidated, subject to taxation in general practice. But for enterprises established in budgetary institutions, statutory rate of taxation is not provided. Quite a trick question of determining the share of charter capital in the creation of small businesses. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Neal Barnard on most websites. Public organizations, according to federal legislation,read more…


Tax Inspectorate

Indication of the tax authority in the inspection report that on specific issues will need to check back after reviewing the materials testing by the tax police, not the basis for decisions nevyneseniya (Resolution of the Federal TSBs from 21.02.2001 N A28-5410/00-221/16). If the decision Tax Inspectorate to hold a site inspection held invalid, the act and the decision to prosecute based on the results of this test, we must admit inadmissible evidence, as they obtainedread more…