Test Winner

No matter where you are, stick with the small TV everywhere can receive. You be connected simply via the USB connection. Also you powerful TV receiver, feather-light and can be transported easily along with the notebook in your pocket. But in reality it is often different, because not always working the reception with the DVB-T stick also smoothly. Especially in areas with weak broadcast signal, there may be interference or even a total Senderausfall.

But much has happened in this area, the new mobile sticks have become significantly better. Television is with the two test winners even in areas with poor reception still reasonable. This is possible through the dual receiver, the stick contains not one, but two built-in TV receiver, over which the input signal is amplified. For this technique, consumers need to spend but still something more, unfortunately, which include Test winner for the most expensive models. The test winner of PC World from TerrTec not only PC world, but also other computer magazines and online portals such as, for example, evaluate the models from TerrTec as very good. TerrTec T5 and also the TerrTec Cinergy TRC were examined thoroughly and bring the best results.

The former is intended primarily for mobile use with a notebook, the latter although cheaper, but also larger and thus unwieldy. TerrTec T5 of the TerrTec T5 is the test winner, he convinced the testers from PC the world of anywhere in. He is not only the strongest reception stick, you can buy currently, but he offers a surprisingly good reception, where you can receive a picture with conventional DVB-T sticks in places. So is this DVB-T USB stick the ideal solution for anyone who lives in an area with low power. Too bad that it it stick even for the TV are. Test winner value for money: TerrTec Cinergy dual RC the second model, the TerrTec Cinergy dual RC, is basically the TerrTec T5 as well again. Again, proven dual technology is installed. The price is much cheaper, for one has to do without comfort. Because this model is much bigger and only conditionally suitable for mobile use. Who would like to but at home television via the computer, should opt for this solution. Conclusion: the new DVB-T USB sticks are much more powerful than the earlier models. This is possible through the dual receiver, which is more expensive, but much more efficient the sticks. In addition, there are numerous additional functions on the models by TerrTec. So they can be used for example for digital cable television.