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Serial Production Of MOST150

Latest MOST technology ready the MOST cooperation to implement – the organization that standardizes the leading multimedia network for the automotive sector MOST (media oriented systems transport) – is pleased to announce that to the latest specification Rev. 3.0 is in the implementation. Various vehicle manufacturers are with first production projects already in the implementation phase of the latest MOST technology. MOST150 provides a higher bandwidth of 150 MBit / s, an isochronous transport mechanism toread more…


The Apple IPad Goes On Sale

Apple Announces iPad its new product it was only a matter of time before the American company Apple brings back a fascination on the market, that excites many people. Now it is again so far. The Apple iPad was announced. You could call it as a giant iPhone”call, which is however easier to use much, and countless apps more available. The Apple iPad can do anything also can the iPhone except make phone calls. However, theread more…


Without Glasses

What is the new Toshiba 3D TV? In 3-D, opinions differ televisions. The currently available models do not experience a real 3-D quite sure. Usually involves a more or less two-dimensional image at the different levels are in a row. Cinema produced in animated films and 3 D effect is some impressive highlights. Normal picture in 3-D is rather unconvincing. Added also the lack of comfort, who is already happy with glasses in front of theread more…


Test Winner

No matter where you are, stick with the small TV everywhere can receive. You be connected simply via the USB connection. Also you powerful TV receiver, feather-light and can be transported easily along with the notebook in your pocket. But in reality it is often different, because not always working the reception with the DVB-T stick also smoothly. Especially in areas with weak broadcast signal, there may be interference or even a total Senderausfall. But muchread more…