The Elevator

How often do you travel? If you have a car, wheelchair must fit in the trunk. To accommodate wheelchairs in the car it will necessarily have to add up. Think about whether it is convenient to add, and lay out the stroller for travel. Separately want to talk about the folding wheelchair-transformers. As described above, these strollers have a complete cradle-carrying. To add a carriage, a cradle of it will have to remove it. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger wanted to know more.

More parents just recently put a bassinet with the baby in the back seat of a car and drove folded stroller in the trunk. With the introduction of mandatory use of child car seats for transporting children cradle-carrying during a trip in the car is not needed. Therefore, the assessment is placed in the trunk of a wheelchair, consider the place and in a portable crib. 5. Estimate time of year you plan to use the wheelchair There are two important factors – insulation / ventilation strollers and wheel sizes. As a rule, expensive strollers have the opportunity of warming in winter and ventilation in summer. For example, in the summer you will be able to unfasten or remove a side warm one side wall of the carriage, then this place will be a window or wall of mosquito nets, breathable. 6.

Select the Wheel are: double or single, inflatable or not inflatable, floating or rigidly fixed; large or small. The large "lying" strollers with a hard rocker or transformers, the wheels are usually large and single. Weight wheelchairs are so large that the small wheels it is simply not survive. If the wheels are camera (inflatable), a cross stroller is the highest. This is especially important in overcoming the snow "porridge", lying on our roads during the winter. But keep in mind that the distance between the wheels of carriages is very large. At buying a stroller necessarily measure the openings and the elevator door! Incidentally, an inflatable wheel can be accidentally punctured.