To deal with health insurance, send then just the billing agreement – which you print out online can – by fax to the DMRZ and confirm that that the German medical data center must send your invoices electronically at the outlets of the cost object. Tips for quick settlement Anders as often claimed can account some providers several times (except for the AOK Bavaria) in the month and get their money faster. Who so quickly on whether money wants to come, which can create also individual invoices. Also at the Porto providers should not worry. High postage costs not incurred from the electronic self billing.

Since the introduction of electronic billing, billing data by E-Mail at data collection points will be sent. The regulations themselves no longer go to the individual funds, but are grouped together document receiving Office according to, for example, in the DMRZ. Because most service providers with the same funds account incur no more than 4 or 5 letters per settlement. The required invoice slips are in the solution of the DMRZ by the way, already automatically addressed. You need include only the regulations. Shipped as a normal letter. The risk of loss by mail or at the cashier-side processing you hedge against the best by making a copy.

Electronic billing is better electronic billing are many benefits providers. The money is already after 14 days on the account and the billing via the Internet, as the solution of the DMRZ, is no longer a problem in practice. The new procedure is also cheap: instead of trying an expensive settlement Centre providers themselves can settle and hit save. In many cases even several thousand euros a year.