I have not left it when I walk away. Now I will tell you: my land will be yours, I’m going to conquer it, not only to give her, but for everyone, all my people. The thief of your Tower will come out someday. And the invader will be expelled. All the fruits of life will grow in my hands before accustomed to gunpowder. CDF has similar goals. And I know Pat new flowers because you taught me tenderness. Mia sweet, worshipped, come with me to fight melee because in my heart live your kisses as red flags, and if I fall, it will not only cover me land but this great love that I brought and who lived in my blood to circulate. You will come with me, I hope at that hour, at that hour, and at all hours, in all the hours I hope.

And when comes the sadness that I hate to knock at your door, tell him that I hope you and when solitude want to change the ring that is my written name, di loneliness that talk to me, that I should leave me because I’m a soldier, and that there where I am, the rain or under fire, my loveI hope, I hope you in the toughest desert and next to the lemon tree flowered: everywhere where is life, where the spring is born, my love, I hope. When say you not this man loves, remembers that my feet are alone that night, and looking for sweets and small feet that I adore. Love, when they tell you that you forgot, and I was bleeding even when it’s me who says, when I tell you, do not believe me, who and how they could cut you of my chest and who would get my blood when towards thee? But I can not forget my people. I’m going to fight on every street, behind every stone.