Unfair Disqualification

Volunteers from the civil society of some NGOs, working for Justice and respect for human rights in their struggle for a more just and more United World, have had to cope with campaigns of disqualification by a supposed danger posed the NGOs for the genuine development of the populations of the South. It should be recalled that the largest number of social volunteers of non-governmental organizations working in countries of sociological North to deal with injustices and exploitation of elderly, immigrants, women, children, terminally ill and drug addicts, people homeless and without resources in ever more dehumanised societies. Reduce the activities of non-governmental organizations to projects which some develop in countries of the South is a crude simplification. Generalized cases occurring in some countries of the South is an incomprehensible recklessness. Accuses NGOs of being a danger to democracy, not to participate in the protest struggles of teachers, undermine the sense of the public with their projects of social assistance, and appropriating the language of the left. For some time, applauded our apolitical and aconfesionalismo because well not could be used of us religious denominations who traditionally developed many of these activities. Nor the tildados of utopian Socialists by more untamed Marxism. It is now the NGOs to promote a new type of colonialism and cultural and economic dependence and are postmarxistas.

Saves a small minority that develops alternative strategies in support of the policy class and the anti-imperialism, in an ideological fundamentalism that both censor in neo-Liberals, in the neo-cons and everything that does not sound with the music as some like to direct from their chairs. We do not want military in political parties, trade unions of class or no religious confession. We respect the freedom of social volunteers so that they exercise their rights in any democratic choice. Not to be confused the abuses of some members of certain NGOs in various countries, which can serve as substitutes, smokescreens for the deficiencies of political systems that accept the readjustments of the economic World Bank or IMF, reducing investment in education, health and basic social work.